a journey to Bali and Lombok

a journey to Bali and Lombok

My husband being a diver, hesitatingly suggested to spend a couple of weeks in Bali.  He had heard about some nice diving spots he would like to try.

Bali never had come across my thoughts as a possible holiday destination.  It seemed so far away, exotic and ‘not for us’.
I let the idea linger a while and felt Bali would be an inspiring place to be.  It stands for nature and cultural heritage but also for IKAT, BATIK and weaving …

I grabbed the opportunity with both hands. And we took off, eager to explore diving spots, weavers’ villages and now and then a temple along the way.

We never had seen landscapes like this before. The intense green color, the oversized leaves, the house plants we had in pots appeared to be giants here.

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You can have a good time in Bali, relaxing in a resort, visiting temples and gazing at rice fields.
But for me, its real richness is in its people.

We went on a bike tour and asked our guide to take us to a local food market. I loved it!

This young, female and very feminist guide in Lombok showed us around her village and village garden. She told us enthusiastically about spices and medicinal herbs used in daily life.


She included this stunning waterfall in her tour and conjured up the most delicious picnic from her backpack for lunch.

Waterfall  fun with welcoming locals. DSCFmmmmmmmm0585DSCF0583DSCF0mmmm572

Thanks to our driver in Ubud we could experience the preparations of a Balinese cremation ceremony. I love the male sarongs!

and then there’s the ocean…


We were so happy with our guides. Thanks to them we could see a part of the real Bali.
Turn to Khiri travel for a wonderful, off the beaten track Bali experience.
We enjoyed their company and knowledge.
(They deserve it.  I ‘m not being paid.)

I ‘ll tell more about the weavers’ village in my next post.

Thank you!








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