antiques market in the Provence

This summer we spent our holiday in France. AGAIN!. Addicted as I am, I couldn’t do a year without enjoying the nice weather, good food and laid back atmosphere of this gorgeous country.

This time we headed for the Var. A day’s drive  through France, straight to the deep south.

One of the first thing I do in France is go to the local ‘tabac’, buy a  L’agenda des Brocantes, sit down, enjoy un café au lait and browse through the small yellow book. It ‘s filled with addresses and places where you can visit flee and antique markets. With a bit of luck there’s one in  your neighborhood.
Visiting markets can be disappointing sometimes but mostly it’s fun. With friendly people who are eager to share there stories and knowledge with you.
If you ‘re even more lucky, there will be a small restaurant where you can eat French dishes  in the shade of  impressive old plane trees. What more do you want!

We ended up in Puyloubier, a tiny village facing the impressive Montagne Sainte Victoire, 30 mins  from must see Aix-en-Provence.
We were lucky. Everything was there: a lively market, a charming village square, a restaurant ànd the trees!

Buy a L’agenda des Brocantes and you know all  about flee and antique markets in the area.

If you ever would visit this area, drive the stunning D17 along Cezanne’s beloved mountain to Puyloubier and linger a while over a coffee or salade verte at Café ste Victoire. Enjoy the shade of the plane trees, relax and you ‘ll see; all your sorrows will disappear!

A patient husband ...

A patient husband …






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