WHAT do I want to photograph?

country rustic kitchen art

How to choose a theme for your photo?

There I was. An entire day for myself and my camera and I felt anxious. Do you know that feeling?
I started this photo year project and one of the first issues I was confronted with was:
What did I want to take pictures from?
I had no idea.

This is what I eventually found out: the inspiration is within yourself.

There are plenty of photography websites where you can find ideas.
Although I think that can be a good place to start, I truly believe that the best place to find inspiration is within yourself.

Ask yourself:
What makes my heart skip a beat?
What do I feel passionate about?
Is it architecture? Is it people? Nature maybe? Whimsical landscapes?
Start from there and narrow down. All ideas are good.
As long as you feel enthusiastic, you will enjoy it and be happy with the result.

What also can help is to look at the work of other photographers.

What kind of work do you like? Who’s your favorite? What style is appealing to you?
Clean and modern? Urban decay? …
What are the photos that you keep looking at and can’t get enough of?

Start a list of ideas and use it as a source of inspiration.

Something like this: (this is my list so far)
-urban decay
-urban collage
-color composition
-color palet project
-pure and beautiful
-country rustic
-naturalist photography set – nature collection
-purple photography set
-blue photography set
-naturals photography set
-wild flower photo
-kitchen art
-bathroom art
-provence France

While I was looking for themes I came across this list: photographyicon.com/photography-themes
with 327 different themes and ideas.
In my opinion a good and unusual list to turn to when you feel uninspired. To get an idea: here are the a and b part.
1. Abandoned Buildings
2. Abstracts
3. Amphibian
4. Anger
5. Arches
6. Architecture
7. Autumn
8. Back Alleys
9. Bad Weather
10. Bald Heads
11. Balloons
12. Bare Feet
13. Bark
14. Barns
15. Bees
16. Bicycle Parts
17. Bikes
18. Birds
19. Black and White
20. Blimps
21. Blue
22. Bolts
23. Bones
24. Books
25. Bottles
26. Bridge
27. Bridges
28. Broken Glass
29. Bronze
30. Brown
31. Bump
32. Butterflies

Feel welcome to share your photo ideas!







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