antique side table

antique side table


antique, hand made, eastern European side table

it once was a kitchen side table for keeping cooked dishes etc. out of the way for a few minutes.
it was hand made and has a charming, elegant and airy feel.
this little table comes with loads of history and character. It is timeless.
lovely patina and cutting marks.

now it would make a lovely side or end table in your living room.
works very well in both minimal rustic and modern styled homes.

top – beautiful warm natural wood color, towards pale, lots of grey
legs – gorgeous deep blue/grey
not polished

88 cm x 59 cm x height 73 cm
34,64 in x 23,22 in (legs) x 28,74 in
the legs are in the depth (not in the length) wider than the top, so you cannot put the table next to the wall. There will always be 2,36 in between the wall and the top.

beautiful vintage condition considering age and use
there’s an old crack in the top (please check detail photo), not disturbing
one corner of the top goes a little bit up
please use the zoom tool to have a closer look

about end tables in HOUZZ:
‘End tables are like the supporting players to a leading-lady sofa. They rarely get the glory, yet they’re vital in their own low-key way. In addition to serving as a landing pad for lamps and a perch for cocktails, they can help to give a space a well-rounded, polished look. They whisper of a homeowner who pays attention to details.
Average height is 22-30in.’

every item in my shop is unique,
sourced and handpicked by myself in France and eastern Europe
I do this with love and care

Let me know if you need more information or pictures.
I ‘m happy to answer any questions.


This table will be shipped with Fedex.
To give you an idea of the shipping cost to New York – economy freight: $355 (directly to your address)
This is an estimated price. Please contact me for pricing based on your exact location.
Feel free to come up with a different shipping company.

I ship worldwide.

Every item is packed safely with lots of (recycled) packing material in order to arrive safe and in one piece at your door step

If another item would interest you, feel free to let me know so I can re-calculate the shipping cost.

Thank you for dropping by!

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