antique dough bowl

antique dough bowl


antique handcrafted wooden dough bowl straight from the eastern European countryside – 1900 ‘s

once used as a container for flower and grain or for making the morning bread, this bowl comes with loads of history
traces of flower, scuffs and scratches add to its charm and will bring character to any primitive, country or modern rustic home

every bowl is hand made and one of a kind

these kind of bowls are timeless and work well with contemporary art and decoration

very beautiful warm natural wood color
with some grey, towards yellow (not too much)
middle dark, slightly towards pale

lovely vintage condition
has an old reparation consisting of two staples and a small wedge
one short end of the bowl is a bit out of balance, you can check on the detail photo
no woodworm holes
not polished

90,5 cm x 35 cm x height 12 cm
35,62″ x 13,77″ x height 4,72″
2619 g
code 272

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