how to blend a photo with a texture

how to blend a photo with a texture

Some time has passed now. And I’ve done some things.
I bought a macro lens!
I learned how to make an overlay.
I practiced with the new lens.
I spent a lot of time thinking.

Let’s talk now about the OVERLAY:

Actually you blend two photos together. Your main photo and a photo of a texture.

I had this ‘stillife’ as background and a picture of a wall I took in France as texture.
I was positively surprised and am very fond of the graffic effect. Some people don’t like it, they find it too unreal. Too far away from the medium ‘photography’. They may have a point here. But once and a while you can be playful, no?
I still need a lot of practice ofcourse!

Two very helpful sources:

1. by Steve Patterson

How To Blend Textures With Photos In Photoshop

2. the textures made by Kim Klassen


Thank you!



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